Dr Morgan battles the Green Peril

Dr Gareth Morgan has been battling the dreaded Green Peril for most of the Black Sea coast traverse. Not being a medical doctor he seeks mysterious potions from the Witch Doctor also known as Jo Morgan. The treatment has been long and arduous and not just for Gareth as you will see. The good Doctor has a view that his illness will be cured by a combination of Disprin, Honey, antibiotics suitable libations and a regular large hoik or spit.

Now this would not normally be a problem except the good Doctor has perfected the on bike hoik. It goes something like this, the rider following sees Gareth’s bike lurch to the left, which I might say is not good when one is supposed to be on the right side of the road, still so far not too many scares for the hapless approaching drivers. One then sees the visor open and the head turn to the right, the following rider has only nano seconds now to avoid direct contact with the green peril on ones own visor ,so heavy breaking is called for.

Ah but too late the green peril splats on to the visor, so dear readers you can now see why Gareth’s illness has touched all of us who have obediently followed the good Doctor down the Silk road. We are all praying for a rapid cure, as is Gareth as he has been banished to the back of the bunch until fully recovered!!!!

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