Appalachian Farming

It’s difficult to call them anything but play-farms really. The larger ones have silos where they store the cattle food imported from the huge grain farms out West to feed their housed cattle. Imagine the expense of that! No wonder the US farm subsidies are so high, protecting these lifestyle farmers. That the US President has to be a hypocrite on free trade in order to keep the farm lobby on side, demonstrates the power these lifestylers have on the political scene here. Perhaps that’s why they all attend church so diligently – thanking their superior being for being blessed by taxpayer largesse that enables the pathetically inefficient farm sector to remain on life support.

Most farms are only one paddock deep. As the picture illustrates they are bordered by road on one side and woods on the other. No wonder the loss of young calves to coyotes coming out of the woods is so prevalent. I have never seen so much woodland as there is in the eastern USA, the farms are but an interruption it seems to a vast carpet of deciduous forest.

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