An amazing museum THE BARBER

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This is a museum for petrol heads. Basicly a private establishment (thanks George Barber) with more than 700 bikes and a Lotus collection to die for as well as Porsches for miles. You could even do a training session in driving the Porsches around the track, where they had a recent “super bike ” meet.

We had the privilege of being taken to the basement by one of the senior staff, Brian Slark. He had worked with a “long ago” boss of mine and motorbike guru Tim Gibbs of Palmerston North. I wonder if Tim has an email address so I can tell him ??
This is a place of chrome, immaculate restoration and true passion , basicly funded by big corporate functions in the huge 5 floor complex. That keeps the admission really cheap for all comers. Also there was the first 4 cylander bike motor (that they started up for us ) made by the Belgam (F N) company that made Browning guns.

Riding today in thunder lightening and big rain. 5 inches in an hour some areas but it passes really quickly. It is normal to be passed by huge trucks when you are doing 70, miles per hour this is.

Love Jo

Thanks for the emails. Y’all come back soon.
Photos of the museum are linked here.

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