Another Roadtrip Over

We’ve finished, parked the bikes up and are getting ready to return to NZ. 21,000 kms of South America completed, great taste of the Andes and then followed by Uruguay, Paraguay and half of Brazil. All good, no worries with bikes – they’ve been serviced, stored and await our return in a few months when we’ll tackle the Amazon and Guyanas, Venezuela and Columbia. So you could say we’ve done the sanitised part of the Continent and the going will get a lot harder on our return – roads for instance are far more of a challenge in the tropical zone.

The ride took 3 months, the first two of which we had good riding mates along so were a team of five, and the last month just the two of us. Hard to pick highlights there being so many, but riding the Carretera Austral in the south of Chile would definitely be one, getting to Terra del Fuego another, and Bolivia is always a great ride. In the second part of the ride, getting to Paraguay was a real experience and what we’ve experienced of Brazil so far has just whetted the appetite for more.

So the worldbybike challenge continues, by this time next year we will have knocked off South and Central America and be set to change continents. Until then we just anticipate eagerly what the Amazon and Central Americas will have in store for us. Thanks to everyone that helped this happen – from our suppliers Icebreaker, BMW, Spidertracks, and Crombvie Lockwood, through to the IT support crew back home of Mike, Jaspreet and Dave – and of course to our riding colleagues Brendan, Tony and Chris.

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