… and Bye from Jo too

I knew this leg of the world ride was over when I disconnected the battery and had a glass of bubbles yesterday.
So many wonderful people helped make this a memorable and successful adventure. Thanks for the emails, and many suggestions of places to go.
We did just over 3 months, 21,000 km and I looked forward to getting on the bike each day. Riding in the big cities and fast motorways was an adrenaline rush only matched by the gnarlier of the rough sand and rock roads.
I have to thank the BMW workshops that squeezed us between their regular customers to keep us on schedule, especially the Buenos Aires shop that found the stones in my fan unit (this was causing an over heating issue), and the Sao Paulo shop that surprised me with a mirror to replace my taped up one – gratis.
I have missed the arrival of my 4th grand-baby, Oscar, and the graduation ceremony of my baby,Ruby.
Brazil is mid 30s and humid so I will find Wellington weather invigorating to return to but all worth while to be back with friends and family.
Gareth has started the planning for the next leg already, he has to be thanked for such meticulous planning and being such a great companion on these adventures.

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