A Big Vote of Thanks

We have our disabled bike back on the road again – thanks to a slowhorse courier from Germany and a superb effort by the team of Sanar Motors, the BMW car dealer in Tashkent. Those boys performed beyond the call of duty and helped our chief engineer Dave, who had been left behind in Tashkent with an immovable deadline, to get the bike going or abandoned it and catch up with the group. The crankshaft ignition transponder arrived and while the bike began it continued to cut out. So into the wiring harness went the BMW electrical whizzes – while Dave and our hapless rider Selwyn ran off to get emergency visas for Kazakstan (they needed to cross this to short cut the catch-up route to the group). By the time our boys returned to the workshop the problem was solved and the bike ready to roll.

What a relief!! Not the least for poor Selwyn who has just arrived to take this bike over from Phil (hope the climate’s nice & warm back in Nelson Phil). Selwyn was looking at shipping a bike back to NZ without having ridden a mile.

Never mind we’re all together in Naryn now – ready to visit our UNICEF project and then head over the pass into China.

So once again – our great gratitude to Mirmahdi and his team at SanarMotors, BMW Tashkent – you’ve kept our team intact.

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