Yukon Canada

well the mid summer here is unppredictable weather wise and we have had mornings of 2 degrees, but the air smells so sweet and reminiscent of central Otago.

Now in Whitehorse and had a night with Roger’s sister, Judy, and Gordy her Yukon man, steak and baked potato and carrot cake,,,, so great. Lots of Kiwis live around here and opportunity abounds for the keen.

Went to the airport at Dease Lake as we had heard it was run by Kiwis and found the Reeds who live here half the year. We asked for a cuppa (as only kiwis can) and were treated to bone china, nice tea and a great chat with Sharon and her Auckland brother.

Pouring now and we are meeting the others for the “long haul” to Dawson. A river race down the Yukon River is on today 700 km in cold conditions, you’d have to be mad.

Love to all Jo

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