We wait in Panama

It was a saga beyond anything we had previously experienced, but we thought we had the bikes into a freight plane and left for Panama to wait for their arrival.   Dave met us at the airport, looking a bit glum as he had just discovered his bike  was in Miami, we smiled and told him ours would be there in a day. Not so fast though, Jo.
Next morning, to the airport freight area,  and with limited Spanglish we found our bikes were out of Ecuador but still in Bogota. We have been assured we will have them on Saturday and that the customs  staff will be working to process them.

Let’s wait and see.

I will also give you a run down on the “interesting” way we got them freighted once we know they are safely out of “bondage”
But all well in this most varied and unusual city that Gareth’s Great great …..uncle Henry Morgan the Pirate looted and burnt in the 1671. Photos here.
xx Jo

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