To the Start Line

The trip starts proper in Venice, where Marco Polo hailed from. But first we have to get there and it was on a bright and sunny 25 degreee day that we left Munich and traversed three countries in an afternoon (Germany, Austria and Italy) to have our first night on the road. The Austrian alps are gorgeous, easily as impressive as the Southern Alps and the environs are maniquered like the botanical gardens. The Eurpoeans love their environment and pay heaps (high taxes and big subsidies to those who tend to it) in order to have the villages and farms maintained as some set from a film of Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

The 300km first day was incident free apart from a pile up of our motorbikes in a toll gate to the autostrada where one rider (not yet to be named) got passed another and forgot that our bike widths are twice what they are normally. Oh dear, a concertina of Silkrider bikes lying about in the toll gate. Good laughs for the locals at least.

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