The Suanbo bathhouse

Suanbo is a resort town with hot springs and ski slopes, set in the central hills.

We managed to get a good deal on a couple of tired rooms in a tired hotel with an “oncheon” (Bath house) in the basement. The segregated pools were full at night so I thought a discrete plunge in the morning would give me this very Korean experience. Brendan told me to take the camera and turned off all the beeping, flashing and clicking it does so I could be discrete.

 There were still 20 others, many in inter-generational family groups scrubbing each-others backs and torsos. I sat scrubbing myself and watching the naked revalry  and exhuberance of the old and young girls in steam and hot or cold plunge pools. A very wonderful experience, I just needed a friend to scrub me. I could have employed the masseuse of course.

The thought that stays with me is the two rounded matrons with some reddish mud like stuff that they proceeded to cover each other with as they chatted loudly about everything. It was like mud play in a kindergarten paddling pool.

You didn’t really think I’d take photos. No way. This is very unusual girl only time, next time I’ll take the kids. 


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