Talking Turkey

Borders are always good places to get an impression of a country and getting into Turkey does not make a good one. We have no less than 5 passport and carnet checks to go through, receive 4 stamps in our passports and take about an hour. Then we travel 10kms past a row of trucks queues, waiting to leave Turkey. The country looks like it will be slaughtered if subjected to EU membership and competition on efficiency.

It obviously gets to one of our group. He’s so confused by matters he goes to the money exchange and gets all his stocks of Euros changed back into Bulgarian Stotinki. He needs a wheelbarrow to carry it off. Too late he realises he should have been changing his residual Stotinkis for Euros!!! Silly boy – and he didn’t cause the tollgate pile up in Austria! Plonker of the day award is a no contest.

Then we travel 25kms down 3 lane motorway without another vehicle on it. Something is silly about this country. Oh well, on to Gallipoli, a swim at Anzac Cove, and an education about the terrible events here of 90 years ago.

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