Sunset over the Mississippi

We’re on a balcony perched over the Mississippi looking across the river into Louisiana, drinking Bud and watching the barges ply their way up the Great River. Man they’re long – a 100 metres at least. As the sun sets over the Louisianna delta and our Ipod belts out Delta Blues it is hard to imagine a better place to be. The Backblocks America tour so far is delivering all it promised – Jo has fulfilled a lifelong ambition – dancing with a Redneck, Roger asserts that the high church count is testimony to the weight of numbers being proof, while Dave just contemplates our oil filters and concludes we’re overdue.

One Response to Sunset over the Mississippi

  1. Laurie Hope May 16, 2006 at 10:09 pm #

    Hi Gareth, are you the redneck Jo danced with 🙂 just kidding I thought you might have been watching dancing with the stars and got inspired

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