Night on a Bayou

“Down in Louisiana, where the alligators grow … “ – or so the lines from Poke Salad Annie go. We finally found a location to have the night out on a swamp, alligators ‘n all. The hut, on stilts to keep it above the water provides much needed protection from the feisty mosquitoes that take every opportunity to feed on flesh. The level of water in the bayous isn’t huge right now and this has kept the alligator numbers down. But there’s enough of them around for us to be on edge. The turtles are cool and are feeding on fish-heads that Jo has brought up from the coast especially to tease the alligators. That alligators pass beneath the hut while you’re asleep isn’t the best recipe for a good night’s rest but we’re assured if we stick to the tracks we’re unlikely to be disturbed by wildlife. How the red foxes and bobcats are supposed to know to keep off the pathways, who knows?

And to cap it all off. Joanne got an alligator bite. It’s septic tonight so let’s hope there’s no need to leave the rest of her for them to chew on.

One Response to Night on a Bayou

  1. lucy b May 23, 2006 at 11:06 pm #

    It is great to hear about your travels, especially the psyche of the US, but when it comes to wild animals I don’t envy you staying in the bayou. On the TVNZ news here yesterday we saw how you might find an alligator wandering about in your back garden! because of the low water levels and consequent shortage of food and they go scavenging in urban parts of Miami! This is even scarier than snakes in Australia… will I ever leave NZ again?!


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