My Mums birthday

I think I’m going to miss getting a card to my mum for her 94th birthday and if any one is nice they could ring her 03 218 3673 or send her a card and I’d be really grateful

Mary Baırd
325 Kelvin St


One Response to My Mums birthday

  1. Raewynne Pedofski May 13, 2005 at 3:31 pm #

    Hi Jo,
    Im reading about your adventures from the comfort of my office in Dunedin. I decided to call your Mum to wish her happy birthday and she tells me it is next Tuesday 17th…She also wondered why she had had birthday cards from some people she did not know and I explained how she had world wide (internet) attention!!…At 94 she’s pretty spritely to talk to,and was sorry she could not give me some birthday cake……I told her I would pass wishes back through the computer….

    Keep up the posts they are very enjoyable to read…

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