Miami Vice

There are cops on the roads everywhere in Miami, mostly riding Harley Heritage Specials. In true US OTT fashion, when the SWAT team goes for its daily jog along the highway, they are accompanied by 30 cops on bikes to shield the exercisers from the traffic. Actually looking at the joggers I’d be bloody worried if these chaps were defending me – most had spent too many days at McDonalds. I’m not sure they could lift a rifle – maybe it was a jog for the infirm within the SWAT team!

For all the police presence however it doesn’t appear to impede the drug trade. Upstairs in a restaurant one evening we watched the sidewalk below as the druggies hung about on a corner waiting for the eventual arrival of their dealer’s car. Window down, notes passed in, paper bag passed out and then driveaway with the profits. Now this is a tribute to the efficiency of this economy!

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