Meeting the Serbian Deputy PM

Sitting in a coffee bar, the only half clean one in Lescovac, we are suddenly surrounded by a group of thugs and expect that we are about to taste the hospitality of the renowned “bullies of the Balkans”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Through the biceps strides an all-smiling dapper gentleman, hand outstretched ready to shake ours. It is the Deputy Prime Minster, one of those who managed to oust that bully boy Slavedon Mılosvıch during those dark days not so long ago. Here to take tea and celebrate the success of a young Serbian musical master who has just received critical acclaim from a concert at Carnegie Hall, the Deputy takes time out to enquire what on earth brings Kiwis to the Serbian Outback. He is impressed with our story and wishes us well – we are filmed for Serbian TV. All the world is a stage!

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