Las Lajas

The gravel wasn’t even worth a mention (in the last post), so I mustn’t listen to these stories as I only get a nervous tummy. Another puncture yesterday, a nail in Tony’s rear, his second, the third overall. Gomeria shops everywhere so got the tube fixed.
We had last night in Las Lajos after a 6pm arrival, and now I sit outside in the lovely cool morning air, maybe 17 degrees and just coming light. The dogs are barking and roosters crowing, last nights cervesa bottles are tucked tidily by my feet, brand last night was Isenbeck.  We prefered the Quilmes brand that we knew, but couldn’t buy any unless we returned some empty bottles, try getting that explained in another language. Half the shoppers joined in as they tried to get the message across to Brendan. The view here,,,, T-shirts and undies hang from the spouting and a row a dirty boots are along the balcony.

Wandering the town last night with the rest of the population here was my days relaxation, every-one is SO polite and all say good evening, even the dogs are friendly in Argentina.

Talking about dogs,,,,, in the last town I acquired one that “bonded” with me and was my loyal companion, walking miles at my side  and even turning up at the petrol station as we were leaving. It made me wonder about reincarnation as this dog had eyes like a now dead friend had.

Socks and boots are on, have had coffee and dry crackers for breakfast and the boys are dragging their huge black waterproof bags down to the machines, and I don’t know what town to programme in my GPS yet.

xox  Jo

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