Karachi Kickstart

As with most World by Bike adventures, Jo and Gareth’s first days in a new country are spent getting their motorcycles out of customs. This involves patience and usually a fair bit of rather fascinating negotiation. So for this trip the city of Karachi became their starting point.

For security reasons it was best to keep under the radar while the adventurers played the old waiting game for the bikes to be released. But rather than waste time they decided to explore their surroundings and spend a bit of time with the locals, in-between explosions.

Here are some audio blogs that Gareth and Jo posted while passing time that gives us an idea of what they experienced having just touched down in Pakistan.

Gareth likens the Karachi traffic flow to jumping into a fast flowing river. Just dive in and go with the current.

Jo and Gareth still have to haggle for the Motorbikes to be released.It’s the usual game of cat and mouse. Who will give in first? Also if they don’t get their China Visas then it’s a no go for Tibet.

Jo gets out among the dirt and the dust to engage with the city folk. She stirs up some local men and tells them to get their act together and appreciate their wives more. Business as usual.

In downtown Karachi the bikers are surrounded by Razor wire and armed soldiers.
Security is very high and bombings are just part of daily life.
It’s extremely hot so they decide to go to the beach.
Here they experience a dip in the Arabian sea with Camels and bathers in Burkhas.

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