Hyosung factory, puncture and a round bed.

We left Gyeongju (previously spelt Kyongju) early and followed back roads across rice paddies and through spectacular valleys. at the junction of some small roads we found a farmers market and a breakfast restaurant where Dave managed through sign language to get fried eggs. They were served with kimchi, tofu soup,whole pickled garlic, squid in chillie paste, rice and lots of other things that we can’t identify. The food is really different to any other Asian country, potentially a challenge but Gareth and I love it (often).

We manage to locate our destination “the Hyosung factory” by 2pm and have a great tour guided by the lovely Kelly. Seeing the bike assembled from a frame to the test ride was really cool. On the road to get out of the smoggy huge town that Changwon is…. but Brendan gets a bit wobbly in traffic and it is the puncture monster, a cm gash from a disk wasn’t easily repaired so the decision to replace the tyre was made.

Time ticked by as we waited for a tyre so I was sent in search of a room for the night. A yogwan was located in a nearby side alley. Two rooms one very small (bed touches three walls) but with a computer. Gareth and I took it ….also there wasn’t space on the floor for the extra bed that Bren and Dave need. B & D got the round bed in the middle of a huge room. They can tell you more if they want. We all laughed a lot. Love Jo

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