Gareth’s Health

As some of you heard on Holme’s breakfast show Gareth wasn’t well enough to talk, so I got a say at last.

He has a saddle sore or maybe a pressure sore on his rear, probably from all the hours he is sitting on the computer as well as the motorbike riding. Then the glands came up  (groin and neck) with the flu like symptoms.

So for the last two days he has been in bed in Cortez in Colorado, luckily, for the rest of us, just down the road from some spectacular scenery of the Mesa Verde National Park.

Treatment has included antibiotics, pain killers to keep him relaxed (not moaning) and various stuff to control the nausea. Infection on rear seems localised and improving, so we intend to ride to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.

My nurses uniform from Walmart was a real hit so I’m wondering what ailments Roger and Dave are going to invent.

Love Jo

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