First Island Visit

First Island Visit and an Unwelcome Disturbance

Blue footed Booby

Today we hit Sante Fe island, home of the famed Blue Foot Booby – no Dave not an Amazonian woman in a diving suit – but a seagull with unusual feet. Also endemic to that island is the Sante Fe Iguana, pretty nicely coloured jobbie this one as you’ll see from the pics. Had agood snorkel here – indeed one of the best I’ve ever had, the reef just seemed to be chokka with various fish species and then masses of them getting hered by the manta rays makes for a cool spectacle too. The girls got to dive with the turtles although I tried to get up close to sea lions underwater – no luck on this occasion.

Anyway the bad news is that there’s been a tsunami warning here and we have to move to high ground instead of going on our daily island visit – which today was to be Plaza Island. So that’s a bugger.

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