Every South American country has been ridden. YI HA

We started in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, French Guiana, Suraname, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, and finally Ecuador.
We had a couple of breaks home to cuddle grand-babies and mow the lawns. What a huge continent, and an epic adventure.
We have been lucky to have our youngest off-spring, Ruby, along for the last leg from Bogota to Quito. Quite an interesting introduction to pillion riding for her, she hadn’t been on the back of a bike before hitting the manic traffic of downtown Bogota. It was nice to have someone to wander the towns with at the end of the day.
It is hard to believe we only got the wet weather gear out once (for half an hour ) for all of this continent.
Arranging getting the bikes to Panama now so we can continue up through the 9 countries of Central America.

I think I deserve a cold beer now.

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