Daıly grind of today

Weather is pretty awful so stayed in a 15 million TL a night hotel. ( 15 NZ ) Alarm goes off at 6.15 and I can already hear some of the organised ones taking bags down the hall. Same pink riding socks on. merino tights. and two layers of merino on the top and a wool vest with zip pockets for money. my money and important papers belt is also tucked under clothes. Riding trousers and boots on and jacket ready with the bag for after breakfast (which is included with the room). Breakfast is a breadroll and cheese. jam sometimes meat and a boiled egg (often cold). The tea this morning had stewed over night and was gross. No coffee available.

On the road at 8am wet weather gear on over the other stuff as it was so cold. Rode until 10 and had only covered 100km stopped in a cute town (Asmara I think) by the Black Sea coast to have coffee and Baklava in a sweet little shop. Lunch was at 1 after 150 km of tight bends and gravel corners. Lunch was the remains of my breakfast bun and a choc bar and water (filtered last night). Another 30 km refuel and look for accommodation. Rooms on the beach raging wind but off street parking for bikes. Checked tyre pressures (actually that is the Captains forte) checked oil put camera batteries on recharge hosed some of the lumps of mud off. Fell asleep and woke to find everyone gone so in town doing this and I’ve bought some bananas for dinner. Still smiling and off for my walk home all wrapped up against the wind. xx jo Forgot to put my moisturiser on this morning so will get wrinkles drat.

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