Contemporary Myanmar liberalizing at a snails pace

Gareth gives us a glimpse of life in Myanmar. We folks in the west would like to believe that reform is happening in Myanmar but, as Gareth explains, it is a false impression. The military still has a strong hold on daily life, child labour is everywhere and corruption in endemic. He explains how Coca Cola is using an interesting tactic to uphold their policy of no tolerance to corruption.


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  1. John Brunton November 17, 2014 at 9:23 pm #

    The Myanmar political system reminds me of Tokugawa rule in Japan (aka the Edo period). There were 9 provinces each ruled by a lord who had his own army. The process of sankin-kotai kept them under control because they were required to spend half the year in Edo (Tokyo) and when they returned to their province they had to leave members of their family in Edo as hostages. Ieyasu Tokugawa devised this very clever system that kept his family in the role of shogun (supreme ruler) from 1603-1868. (ref: The Modern History of Japan by W. G. Beasley.

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