Boys on Bikes

The humour has become a lot more marginal since we have seen the girls working the motorway ‘pull offs’ for the truck drivers. This was as we left Serbia and came into Bulgaria. Also in Bulgaria we got a bit lost in a town as all the writing was in Cyrillic script so we managed to get a local gorgeous lass to jump up on the back of Gareth’s bike and as he turned the first corner with a huge grin on his face realised the screaming that was coming from his pillion was due to him being on the wrong side of the road heading towards a truck, so the BMW off road potential was realise as he mounted the centre island and joined the traffic on the right ‘correct’ side of the road.

I have become known as no mates Jo as I lost or had stolen my Vodafone Imate. They take delight in sitting in a row like pidgeons tapping messages to loved ones while I make small talk to locals. Two more Cyrillic letter for the group to study tonight, the school marm is coming out in me. Sick of playing nurse to Gareth with a cold now that I seem to have caught it.


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