Another ‘Bike and Hike’ Day

Dave you don’t know what you’re missing, we’re getting disgustingly fit, mixing mountain hikes with a motorcycle ride. They certainly make for an exhausted team at the end of the day but by abandoning the bikes and taking to the slopes we get another perspective on the history of the place as well as having reinforced – as if we needed it – the Koreans’ love of climbing mountains. Today we were once again accompanied on the ascent by families out for a rather exhausting Sunday jaunt.

But the highlight of Woraksan mountain was to pass through the wall that had been constructed to resist advance of the Mongols of Kublai Khan back in the 13th century. These same fortifications were again deployed to resist the first invasion by the Japanese some 200 years later. This wall, rather than the Buddha carved into the rock at the summit of our climb, made the screaming knees that seem to go with these steep outings, well worth the pain.

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