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Acapulco Rocks

There are next to no tourists here – well not from beyond Mexico anyway. Perhaps the recent beheadings have had something to do with that. And the police and army rolling through the streets continually with machine guns at the ready loaded to the eyeballs, certainly aren’t what you normally associate with surf turf. But apart from those minor details, this town is awesome. From the swarm of original VWs (they still make them here to the old formula!) which comprise the city’s tax fleet, to the clifftop divers who daily swan off the end of La Quebrada to plunge into a blowhole some 35 metres below, the city may have been the haunt of people from yesteryear – Sinatra, JFK etc – but its shabby beachside hotels are still fun to be based at.

And if you come here make sure you have a night at La Perla restaurant where you get unparalled views of the clifftop divers as they dive from sunset right on into the night. Top it all off with your own swim from Acapulco’s great beach and this is a top stopover. See the diving photos here

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  1. Virginia May 1, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    Good to hear you are having some fun and seeing so much colourful variety. I have a great time looking at all your photos and reading the quips -so enjoyable I don;t know how you and Jo find the time to detail things so well but a marvelous record to have -it is all so real. Life back here is a bit of a sideshow with Brash and Honi Harawiira performing – don”t bother coming home to that nonsence America seems much more alive but we have not had their shocking twisters here – just the SHAKES. Enjoyed seeing Roy Rogers signature. As a little girl I adored him and his beautiful Palomino horse “Trigger” and kept my parents poor with the comics I read about his escapades. !!!!

  2. Virginia May 2, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

    Gareth have just had a thought. I don’t know if you intend visiting the San Diego Zoo en route to Los Angeles but know it is fairly famous and the SanDiego Zoololical Soceity had a tour to N.Z. and stayed in our District to visit the endangered Kokaho in the nearby Puereora Podarcarp Forest. We had their tour Leader Bob Nanson together with Bill Toone and Rowlley and Jo James staying with us here on the farmstay we ran then it was 23-11-84 !! a long time ago buit they could know of those folks at the Zoo still. I know their Condor Bird was in great discussions at the time here as it was very rare too.The other members of the tour party were billeted out to nicefarming homes in the District too .They all had a great time and it was very happy. I did enjoy the Accupulco dives that is sooooooo amazing you would have to have held tight to Jo;s hand there to save her from demonstrating her skills.

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