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Acapulco Rocks

There are next to no tourists here – well not from beyond Mexico anyway. Perhaps the recent beheadings have had something to do with that. And the police and army rolling through the streets continually with machine guns at the ready loaded to the eyeballs, certainly aren’t what you normally associate with surf turf. But apart from those minor details, this town is awesome. From the swarm of original VWs (they still make them here to the old formula!) which comprise the city’s tax fleet, to the clifftop divers who daily swan off the end of La Quebrada to plunge into a blowhole some 35 metres below, the city may have been the haunt of people from yesteryear – Sinatra, JFK etc – but its shabby beachside hotels are still fun to be based at.

And if you come here make sure you have a night at La Perla restaurant where you get unparalled views of the clifftop divers as they dive from sunset right on into the night. Top it all off with your own swim from Acapulco’s great beach and this is a top stopover. See the diving photos here

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