3rd Leg of South American Sojourn

It’s taking us three goes to get South and Central America done properly but we’re enjoying every minute so it’s great to back on the continent again. this time our first stop is Quito, capital of Ecuador. We’re en route to the Galapagos for a look see before we pick up the bikes in Bogota, ride them south to Quito – fly them from there to Panama and the ride Central America all the way up to Los Angeles where we’ll ship the bikes home, continent done!

Anyway Quito is high (2800 metres) and cold, so being here for 4 days has taken our breath away, literally. Seems that altitude seems to hit me at least, harder as I age. Hopefully that’s just my imagination! The city has an old an a new part so for this first stay we’re ensconced in the old part – it’s the place to stay alright, heaps of cool cathedrals and plazas and all the traditional stuff to remind you that you’re back in the lands of Simon Bolvar! Our hotel – the San Fransiscao is cheap but cold and noisy, not sure whether the great location makes up for the lack of sleep. Anyway we’re enyoying being toursists without motorbikes for a few days, quite a novelty. Photos here.

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