1000 Buddahs in Dunhuang

Today a few of us went to see the Caves of 1000 Buddahs carved into a rocky cliff face at the edge of the desert. In 366 AD a Buddist monk started this creation and it continued over a 1500 years depicting the art and life of the people. Only in the early 20th century was a room discovered that contained thousands of manuscripts that had been sealed up in the 11th Century. Explorers from England, Germany, Russia and other places pillaged the place to such an extent that the artefacts are now spread in museums world-wide. Mixed blessings with the preservation being done better in the wealthier countries; but a huge loss to China now as it strives to be a cultural force as well as a leader in many of the world’s forums.

After several days in the scorching deserts we have declared China to be a leader in sand control and road building as well as most importantly beer making. Hard to get it cold though.

Love Jo

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